Wednesday 7 June 2017

A Dream About A Tsunami: Post #2

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A young man approached me at a psychic fair. He told me he had “a really short dream” with “only a couple of symbols.” He wanted to know if I would help him with it. It was a dream about being tossed around and tumbled by a tsunami.

Really short dreams
It’s been my experience that really short dreams are mostly a figment of the dreamer’s imagination. If you look below where I have isolated the symbols of this “short” dream, you see that there is a whole list of them. Far from having “only a couple” of them, there are 12! I agree that this is a relatively short dream, but even short ones contain multiple images, and every image is a metaphoric description of some aspect of the dreamer. Only by putting all of these descriptions together and then stating them as a story does the dream’s message present itself.

I usually start by asking the dreamer simply to “tell me about” each symbol. Below is the result of this exercise.

Tell me about…
* Beach:  It’s where you go to be near the ocean. You don’t actually have to get wet, but you can still breathe the air and enjoy yourself. Walking is really fun on the beach. It’s different.
* Clear, beautiful day:  Everything’s just right and it puts a smile on your face.
* Giant wave; towering tsunami:  Well, life’s never going to be the same afterwards, that’s for sure. It’s this huge wall of water that just takes everything in its path. There’s no manipulating it. It’s the king and it’s undisputed. And that’s that.
* Right at me:  I’m a goner. Might as well just relax, because it’s over.
* I’m shocked but don’t do anything:  What’s there to do? There are no alternatives.
* Tumbled around:  I’m right in the middle of the turmoil, right in the thick of it, and I’m getting pummeled.
* Scary:  I guess my instinct is to live, and I’m not sure I’m going to survive this, so I’m frightened.
* Things start to smooth out:  I’m not really in any more control, but I’m also not being battered as hard as before; it’s leaving me alone more.
* Enjoy the experience:  The fear goes away, and it’s replaced by curiosity and hope and a little bit of fun.
* Surprise:  It’s unexpected and it changes the bad feelings to good ones.
* Start breathing:  Without air you die. And that was the fear. But now, I realize that I can survive here for a long time, forever if I want to.
* Totally euphoric:  I start really enjoying myself when I realize that it’s not trying to kill me. Now it’s really fun and exciting.

Curious observation
I’ve noticed that, in a dream class, when I ask a participant to “tell me about” a dream symbol, he/she often gets hung up, perhaps mostly because of trying too hard. But at psychic fairs and other, more casual events, there’s usually no problem. That was the case with this dreamer whose answers were fluid and spontaneous.

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