Friday 3 March 2017

My Wife's Waking Dream About Her Broken Shoulder: Post #3

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My wife and I were walking after some stormy winter weather. She slipped on the ice, fell and broke her shoulder. As she was healing, we examined the incident as a waking dream. We took each of the symbols, and I asked her what metaphoric association it might have for her. For example, I asked her to, “Tell me about falling.” She replied, “It was a nosedive, and I went crashing down.”

Her reply can, of course, be taken literally. But it also has a broader, metaphoric meaning. You can have a “nosedive” in any number of ways. The same is true of “crashing down.” That can be any kind a setback in life. If you now string all of her metaphoric associations together, you create a narrative with a meaning on a totally different level.

Dreams are commentaries on inner conflicts. They are attempts to offer a course correction when the dreamer is out of balance. To remind the dreamer of that, I insert phrases into the narrative such as, “There is a part of me,” or “my inner self.”

My wife’s metaphorically reconstructed waking dream
I was in a part of myself where I was exercising and offering myself a change of pace and scenery. The atmosphere was uncomfortable, but also invigorating. The effect was stimulating. There was a sense of joy and of spirits being uplifted. All of it added to the beauty of my inner environment. There was illumination and highlighting. It was pure, fresh, peaceful and beautiful. It was authentic, not manipulated or manufactured. I was involved in a passionate, heartfelt dialogue within myself. I was examining a source of knowledge and education. Ideas were being presented that excited both my masculine and feminine self. Then something happened that was totally unexpected. I lost my inner sense of balance, my grounding, my stability, my rhythm, my centering. I nose-dived and went crashing down within myself. It resulted in an impact that was so hard, it created a break. Even though it did not affect the principal side of me, nevertheless, I could no longer shoulder the burden and I was put out of commission for sure. I could do nothing for myself. I was in shock and unable to function at all. Something was definitely wrong! Things were not working right, and there was a sense of alarm. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. I went to the place within myself where I could receive immediate help. I visited my internal doctor who would be in charge of my healing. He let me know that, although it was bad, it could have been much worse. He gave me something to ease the discomfort and allow for peaceful, un-stressful recuperation. He said I was fortunate because my area of motor control and thought production was unaffected. If I had injured that place within me, I would have been far worse off.

Tomorrow, we’ll have my wife comment on this alarming narrative.

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