Friday 20 January 2017

Part Of A Cocker Spaniel Eating Salmon: Post #3

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I’ve been examining a strange dream in two parts. The first part is about globs of menacing stuff falling from the sky. The second part is about the head of a cocker spaniel that, according to a dream veterinarian, needs to eat more salmon.

The dreamer and I have isolated the symbols, and she has successfully made metaphoric associations to each one. You can scroll down to my last post to follow that process. Now it is time to reassemble the dream, all the while reminding the dreamer that each symbol in the dream is an aspect of her own self.

Reassembled dream
I’m within myself, but not in an enclosure. I am unencumbered, but also unprotected. It’s dark where I am, with limited visibility. I am feeling a sense of unity with so many other parts of me. There is something of myself that is falling in on us. No parts of me know if it is toxic or how it will affect us. Will it make us sick? Will it kill us? Like Henny-Penny, it’s out of control and menacing. It’s scary. It’s disgusting and menacing. Now I’m in another place inside of me, where the sick pets that live within me get better. This pet left me a long time ago. But while this part of me was here, he was my joy. He was so busy, so loving, so enthusiastic. He was always running around acting as my protector. It was mostly against harmless creatures also living in me—like squirrels and cats—but he took his job seriously. This protector part of me can’t run around anymore, he can only make noise and express himself. The part of him that provides mobility is missing. The doctor inside of me who is trained to understand these kinds of things says that he needs to consume nourishment and energy. And it needs to be a really healthy kind—one of the best with tons of nutrition and essential oils.

Initial observations
Sometimes, when a dream is restated in this fashion, the message comes through clearly. Other times, as with this dream, the message is less obvious. Still, there are prominent themes. First, there is a sense of something ominous transpiring within the dreamer. But there is no consensus as to how serious the seeming-problem is. Will it be destructive? Or is it more like Henny-Penny who made a big to-do over nothing?

Then comes the next part of the dream about an inner protector that used to be very busy—if a bit over-zealous. This protective part of the dreamer doesn’t work as well anymore; it’s lost its mobility.

Finally, there is a healer who prescribes a remedy, something about needing the best kind of nourishment and energy.

So the dream seems to have three parts: a problem, an old solution that no longer works, and a new prescription for a resolution.

Tomorrow, we’ll ask the dreamer herself if she sees any relevance to the dream’s message.

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