Wednesday 4 January 2017

A Broken Crystal Goblet: Post #2

We have begun examining a waking dream about a beautiful goblet breaking unaccountably before a dinner party. The goblet was not only monetarily valuable, but it had been in the family for a long time and had sentimental value too. (Scroll down to my last post to read the dream.)

There was probably a logical explanation for the break—although it looked spontaneous. The questions we wanted to answer were, first, was there importance to the timing? And second, if there was a message being delivered, what was it? 

It was time to look at the symbols and to discover what kinds of metaphoric associations our dreamer made. As is almost always the case, I started with the prompt, “Tell me about it.”

Tell me about…
Holidays:  They’re a time of celebration, reflection and honoring an important event.
Cooking:  Cooking is my passion. I love to prepare delicious food for enjoyment and health.
Cook a goose:  That has so many associations for me. It’s something you do during a special celebration. There’s the historic aspect of it that reminds me of England during the time of Dickens. There’s the challenge of doing a good job because goose can dry out easily if you’re not careful. And then, of course, there is our expression, “His goose was cooked,” meaning that what had been attempted was not successful.
A great deal of time: Cooking a goose is involved, and you have to put off other responsibilities and interests.
Invited guests:  It’s a sharing. There’s comradery, and enjoyment, and with a splendid meal, maybe a little bit of showing off as well.
Do it up royally:  There is no sense of moderation; we’ll spare no effort, maybe to an excessive degree, since it’s just a party.
My wife:  She’s my partner and best friend. She is often someone who offers a balanced view of my affairs when I am too closely involved to be objective.
Audible gasp:  Shocked reaction.
Crystal goblets:   They are elegant for the sake of elegance. You don’t really need that beauty to drink a beverage. So there is a sense of preciousness for its own sake rather than for any practical concern.
In the family for half a century:  They have earned a special place by being ancient and being associated with us for a long time.
Treat them with kid gloves:  Extra care and attention.
Broken:  It was now useless and dangerous.
Nothing else disturbed:  It was almost as if it broke itself of its own accord.
No shards or missing pieces:  No impact, no influence from anything else.

Initial thoughts
What an intriguing dream! Already, as is so often the case with dreams, there are prominent themes. There is repeated mention of history and historic things; of something being precious rather than practical. And then there is the telling comment, “almost as if it broke itself of its own accord.”

Was there something in the dreamer’s life that he needed to give up? We’ll find out.

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