Friday 30 December 2016

A Dream About A Homeless Man: Post #3

On Monday I started examining the dream of a social worker. In his dream he threw a homeless man down some stairs. We analyzed all the symbols to discover their metaphoric associations for him, and below we have reconstructed the dream, reminding him, as always, that all facets of the dream represent parts of himself.

Reconstructed dream
There is a part of me that is out for some recreation. I am with the part of me that is my partner in life, the one I am most intimate with and share the most with. We are visiting the part of me that is the oldest and most established. We are headed for a place within me where we can get tasteful, nutritious nourishment in a lovely atmosphere. We will be pampered. This place is at a higher level and gives the impression of being more exclusive. We come to the way in. But there I confront a part of me whose life has veered in a direction that is usually not constructive. It can be the result of circumstances or my own decision making. This part of me is obstructing my path to my destination. It becomes aggressively contrary and threatening. I am with the part of me that is my partner in life and I will defend those whom I hold most dear. I will not allow this part of me to be put in danger. I take hold of the belligerent part of myself in the most vulnerable and easiest-to-manipulate place. My purpose is to remove him and put all constructive parts of me out of danger. But my action is excessive. I gravely injure this belligerent part of me which was not my intention. I panic. Especially for someone in my field, I have committed an unspeakable act. I am trying to leave and hide so that I won’t get caught. I find myself in uninhabited areas of me. Rural. Wilderness. I can’t really tell where I am going because there is no light. I feel more panic, knowing that I have done something horrible. But now I find that I am at the place within myself that is for healing and fighting physical disease and ailments. The belligerent part of me is being given nourishment and medicine. It is being taken care of and is no longer neglected. It is cleanly dressed and attended to. If this part of me gets better, then what I did to it won’t be considered so horrible. But what I did was to set aside all of my principles and beliefs and I did harm. I am mortified and not pleased with myself.

Initial thoughts
Although lengthy, this dream’s message is succinct. This dreamer has been particularly hard on himself about “obstructing” his own desire to receive “nourishment” at a “higher level.” He feels badly about his actions, even though there’s no permanent damage done. We’ll discuss this with him more tomorrow. Perhaps he can learn to be easier himself.

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