Wednesday 23 November 2016

Angry Words In A Parking Lot: Post #2

This week, we’re looking at a waking dream about a confrontation in an empty parking lot. An enraged driver accused the “dreamer” of following her. When the dreamer denied the accusation, the driver yelled at her, using obscenity-laced language. You can scroll down to my last post to read the dream in its entirety.

The next step is to isolate the symbols and see what metaphoric associations they have for the dreamer. Notice, especially, her metaphoric description of the symbol “shrub.” How many of us would have come up with that answer? That descriptive association is unique to this dreamer, and it is an example of why it is so important that only the dreamer describe the symbols of her own dream.

To coax the metaphoric associations from the dreamer, I begin with the “Tell me about it” prompt:

Tell me about…
* Driving:  I was doing chores, just normal stuff.
* Parking lot:  It’s where you park when you’re doing your business.
* Shrub:  In this case it was for my work. I was using it to be creative and to bring nature into my creativity.
* Clippings:  Small samples to use.
* Making prints:  You create a likeness of something natural.
* Dye fabric:  Give it color and beauty.
* U-turn:  I needed to go too far, past my entrance, and then I had to double back.
* White SUV:  White reminds me of purity; SUVs are all about protection and power.
* Parked next to me in an empty lot:  She was trying to be intimidating.
* Away from buildings:  We weren’t near the business. We were on the outskirts.
* Woman in her 50s:  She looked a little bit past her prime.
* Glaring:  She was full of anger.
* Be of help:  I was trying to assist to bring resolution.
* Didn’t roll down her window:  Defensive posture.
* Why the f**k:  Rage.
* Following me:  She thought I was chasing her, but the opposite was true; she was chasing me.
* Taken aback:  Totally shocked and surprised.
* Bullsh**:  Another expression of irrational rage.
* Got my tools:  Collected the equipment I needed to do my work.
* Drive away:  I could hear and see her SUV receding and leaving me alone.
* End of confrontation:  We no longer were at loggerheads, but I couldn’t get her out of my head.

Some initial observations
Keep in mind that this was a waking dream, an experience that happened in broad daylight, not during sleep. But the narrative that grew out of describing what happened, contains a poignant message.

What resulted from our discussion is a series of phrases that the dreamer offered as metaphoric interpretations that she associated with the symbols of this waking dream. If you read through them you become aware of distinct themes that repeat themselves throughout. Those are the themes that we will explore on Friday. In the meantime, I was particularly taken with the dreamer’s description of the “U-turn” symbol. She said she needed to go too far, and then had to double back. Interesting! We’ll ask her more about that.

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