Saturday 13 August 2016

An Online Correspondence About Losing A Job: Concluding Post

I have been posting an email correspondence I had with “Ron,” who taught about spiritual lifestyles for a living. Ron was fired from work after making some ill-advised comments. He was devastated, and the only job he could get was working in the meat department of a grocery store. Here is our final exchange: 


The whole time I was reading your email, I had a huge grin on my face. Congratulations on being fired!!! 
No, seriously, there is a way to transition in a gentler fashion, but it all rests with our ability to listen to our own inner nudges. That’s not always easy. There’s nothing wrong with being suddenly shifted out of a mode that we have outgrown. 

I know that working in a meat department may not seem like a particularly exciting job, but the dream symbol is fantastic: You are helping to prepare the food that will be consumed by your community. Symbolically, “community” means all the facets of yourself. And food means not only literal food, but food for growth, for spiritual insight, for expansion, for well-being, for greater understanding and peace. You are not working with desserts or processed packages or incidentals. You have gone straight to the “meat” of the matter. And you are there to assure that this meat is pure and clean and totally safe. WOW! What a series of terrific symbols.

Not only that, your family (again, they all symbolize facets of you) which you were ignoring before, is now a central part of your life. Without knowing more, I can already tell that there is a lot of feminine energy—that’s your INTUITIVE energy. You are making friends with it. You are quite literally “working” with it. You are nurturing the bonds.

This amazing arrangement may not last forever. It may be a transition to other adventures. But take it seriously! There is much growing that can be done in your present employment. And if and when you go to something else, you will take all the lessons with you that you are currently learning. Terrific! Terrific!

 With blessings,


God. I will read this email over and over! 

Geez, it is amazing how someone can do all this teaching on meditation, go to India and study under a Lama, write several books, and do all this spiritual stuff...but when “it really hits the fan”...would go directly into such a 'deep depression' and even think of 'suicide'. 

But...I know now, that this is all about surrender. I was given this lesson to walk the walk...not just talk the talk...for real spiritual growth.

Anyway, I could wish this conversation never ended. But I will wait till your book comes and read it...then maybe if I have some questions then...and more things unfold in my life...I will drop you a line. 

David, your emails have meant so much to me. You will never know. It is really, really, really, appreciated. Thank you!

with much love,


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