Friday 15 July 2016

A Lucid Dream About Performance Unpreparedness: Post #7

In my last post, I had just helped a dreamer—who is also a French horn player—isolate the symbols in his dream about leaving his horn on his piano at home and not being able to go onstage for a symphony performance. You can scroll down to my last post to see how we got there. What follows is the list of symbols and his descriptions of them.

The symbols described
Concert:  an organized event with music—with beautiful sound
Perform:  my participation in this event
Symphony:  a group of people who get together to make music
Shortly before:  not quite time
Time to go onstage:  The moment has come to begin
Horn:  my special instrument for making music
Left behind: accidentally abandoned and inaccessible
Piano:  It assists me in practicing
Studio:  the place where I practice
At home:  where I live
Locked keys:  can’t get to what starts my car
Cellphone:  How I contact others for important messages
Car:  my vehicle for getting around
Can’t go home:  I’m stuck—immobile
 Can’t call wife:  I can’t contact my partner in life

Reassemble the dream
Now it’s time to put the dream back together, with two changes. We will substitute his descriptions of the symbols themselves, and we will insert phrases like “There is a part of me” to remind the dreamer that all symbols in a dream are aspects of the dreamer himself. Here goes:

There is a part of me that is experiencing an organized event inside of myself. It has to do with music—beautiful sound. I am to participate in this event along with other aspects of myself who get together for this purpose. At first, it’s not quite time. But then the moment to begin arrives and I realize that I have abandoned the special instrument I use for this, accidentally making it inaccessible within me. I have left it where I practice for these sorts of occasions. It’s still within me where I live, but I can’t get to the part of me that is my vehicle for getting around within me. What’s more, I can’t contact the other parts of me with important messages. I’m stuck—immobile, and I can’t even contact the main part of me that is my partner in life.

Initial analysis
As always with dreams, the first job is to help the dreamer separate himself from the literal images of the dream; this was not a dream about performing in a symphony orchestra.

But if not, then what was the dream about? The principal theme is about being stuck. The dreamer even uses that word in his descriptions. Why does he feel mired?

It is helpful to know that this dreamer recently retired and is dealing with many of the challenges that people face when they have been professionally active and involved for all their lives. Tomorrow, in my last post on this subject, we’ll chat with him to learn more about what his dream might be alluding to.

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