Wednesday 27 April 2016

Cut By Glass: Post #2

On my Facebook page, someone suggested that intense dreams like this one with cutting glass could be past life memories. I replied that, while that was certainly a possibility, the fact that the images are reappearing into the dreamer’s awareness, means that the issue it represents is not yet resolved in the dreamer’s life. Our job is to find its relevance and put the dream to rest, no matter where it comes from.

A man’s horrifying dream
In my dream I was running away from something—literally running. I didn’t even know what it was from, but I just remember that I was afraid, and that it was vital that I escape. I came to a wall—maybe 7 or 8 feet high. In my haste I jumped up in my effort to climb over it. I managed to get my right hand and forearm on top of the wall. That’s when I felt a sharp pain and realized that the entire wall was embedded with broken glass. Presumably I was still hanging from the wall, but in my dream I was somehow able to lift my right hand and forearm and have a look. The underside of my forearm was completely ripped open. I could see tendons and bones. I usually dream in a sort of grey scale with occasional muted color. But in this dream my blood was a vivid red. I was horrified, and that’s when I woke up.

Isolating the symbols
As always, the first step was to pick out the important symbols, and then to unlock their metaphoric meanings with neutral prompts.

Tell me about…
Running away:  Needing to escape
Didn’t know from what:  There’s an unknown threat, like a mystery.
Afraid:  I feel as if my life is in danger.
Vital to escape:  If I can get away, that would bring me back to calmness.
Wall; 7-8 feet:  A barrier that was tall, but not impossible to get over it.
Effort to climb over:  Climbing was work, but I knew I could succeed.
Hand and arm on top:  Reaching this point was the first major milestone in scaling the wall.
Sharp pain:  Excruciating discomfort.
Embedded with broken glass:  It was designed to repel and cause injury.
Presumably still hanging:  It was kind of surreal. Things were happening that really couldn’t.
Lift to look:  I was examining where the pain came from.
Ripped open:  Everything inside was exposed in an awful wound. It was hideous.
Tendons and bones:  I was looking at the inner workings that make my arm function.
Usually gray scale:  Most of the time these kinds of events seem to happen at a distance—where I’m removed from them.
Vivid red:  There was a realism that was shocking.
Horrified:  I was debilitated, almost paralyzed.

Initial analysis
All you have to do is read the dreamer’s symbol descriptions by themselves, and a coherent, intense story emerges. It will be interesting to see where it leads. My next post will be Friday.

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