Friday 12 February 2016

Waking Dream Discussion: Post #3

The waking dream is more than a projection.
In my last post I was pondering the source of waking dreams—those unsettling incidents from our waking lives that, like nighttime dreams, carry messages. Are waking dreams projections of our own moods and attitudes? Certainly projection is part of the waking dream phenomenon, but not all of it. I offered three examples of bizarre experiences—an encounter with an eagle, an incident with a wheelchair, and a plane crash—that could not possibly have been attributed to a projection of mood or attitude. When analyzed like a dream, each of these experiences offered the witness(es) a specific message relevant to a concern they had at the time.  

Waking dreams are not coincidences.
In previous posts I have given examples of how waking dreams communicate important messages. My own work with dreams long ago convinced me that these experiences are not coincidental; they are consistent in their character, and they are deliberate.

What is the source of waking dreams?
Where do they come from? While I don’t have a complete answer to that question, I have compiled enough empirical evidence over the years to suggest a theory—and not a new one.

Eastern philosophies
It has long been an adage, especially among proponents of Eastern philosophical teachings, that we are the creators of our own existences. Statements like “You engineer your own universe” and “What you see in the world around you is a reflection of yourself” are central to those belief systems.

I used to wonder at those kinds of statements. They sounded so lofty. But whenever I tried to relate them to my own, rather pragmatic life, I had difficulty seeing how the philosophy fit in. That is, until I started working with dreams. Dreams—especially waking dreams—offer the most concrete, tangible evidence of this phenomenon that I have ever encountered. And now I agree: Life, as we perceive it around us during our waking hours, is nothing more than a metaphoric reflection of who we are at any given moment.

A cooperative relationship with the universe
I don’t know how it works, but somehow life—with our own cooperation—conspires to mirror us in the events of our waking lives. At any given moment, if we stop and look at what we are perceiving in the world around us, it can be seen both as an objective set of events and perceptions, and as a metaphoric analysis of our current state of mind. The phenomenon is mind-boggling and fantastic!

We’re not alone
Most of all, it implies that we are part of a network of a super-intelligence—call it God, the Universe, the Source, whatever you like—that is in constant communication with us. This source is always providing us with an overview of our own lives and situations. It is giving us invaluable and uninterrupted feedback. And it never stops being cognizant of our own circumstances. It’s simply amazing!

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