Friday 19 February 2016

The Pane Crash Dream: Post #3

The plane crash dream in review
I’ve been dissecting a dream about a plane crash, during which the dreamer found the remains of a rather doll-like human baby in the wreckage. (Scroll down to my post, dated 2-15-16.) In my last post (2-17) I related how the dreamer and I isolated the symbols. I then asked him to “Tell me about” each of them. This is a neutral request that is usually successful in getting the dreamer to think about each symbol as if it were a metaphor. What follows are his responses.

Tell me about…
Lunch date with my wife:  A social time with food and a connection to my partner. Enjoyable. Catching up with each other.
Plane: A vehicle for going long distances. You fly high and go very fast to get to your destination.
Crash: Something went wrong and the plane didn’t fly correctly. It was destroyed.
Sorting through the wreckage: I am trying to see if there are any clues to what went wrong.
Baby: Somebody’s infant—the furtherance of their life to the next generation. Their creation.
Showing my wife: I want to share with my partner. It’s a way for me to process the tragedy.

Reassembling the dream
Now it is time to use this new information to reassemble the dream. Instead of repeating the words that were the dreamer’s original symbols—like “plane”—I will substitute his descriptions of the plane: “a vehicle for going long distances” etc. And at the same time, I will add little phrases that will remind him that every symbol in the dream is an aspect of himself. These are phrases like, “There is a part of me that…” and “inside myself.” What follows is the result.

There is a part of me that is engaged in a social time with myself—with the part of me that is my partner. It’s enjoyable. There’s food, and I’m catching up with myself. I see a vehicle inside myself that is designed for going long distances. I use it to fly high and to go very fast to my destination. But something goes wrong with this part of me and it doesn’t fly correctly. It is destroyed. I am looking throughout myself to see if there are any clues as to what went wrong. I see the remains of an infant part of myself—something in me that I would have used to further myself to the next generation. It’s my creation, now dead. I want to share this with the partner in me. It’s a way for me to process the tragedy.

The dream reexamined
Suddenly a bizarre and scary series of images comes into focus as a direct and poignant message, one that is addressing an issue specific to the dreamer. This dream is not about a plane crash or a dead baby—not literally.

In my final post on this dream, I’ll explore the issues in this dreamer’s life that precipitated this dream. Stay tuned!

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