Saturday 6 February 2016

The Concluding Post on the Car Crash Waking Dream

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I’ve been interpreting a “dream” about a car crash on an icy road. However, this isn’t a dream in the traditional sense. This was an experience that the dreamer had during the day while she was wide awake. I call this type of experience a waking dream.

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The Car Crash Interpretation
Here’s the interpretation the dreamer and I came up with:

There is a part of me that I use to get around from one place inside myself to another. I used to love the work I was doing on myself, but it’s turned into a kind of nightmare. There is a danger in me that I didn’t see which could be deadly for me. I’m out of control and it’s really scary! I’ve damaged the part of me that gets me around inside myself. I can’t use it anymore and it’s a really shocking experience. I’m stuck and can’t move. But I’m kind of surprised to see that I can just get out and walk away.

The Waking Dream’s Relevance in the Dreamer’s Life
The first conversations I had with the dreamer were about the message(s) in this dream and how they might relate to her life. She was having a hard time at work, and the dream images that really impressed her were about the “stuck” vehicle that “can’t move.” This was followed by the dream’s admonition that the dreamer “just get out and walk away.”

The dreamer was astonished at the relevance and specific advice that this waking dream offered—even though this was an experience that occurred while she was awake; this was not a traditional dream.

An Even Deeper Understanding of the Dream
There were other images in this waking dream that warranted her attention as well. I asked her to pay special attention to the warning messages in the middle of the interpretation, the ones about “danger in me,” “deadly in me,” “out of control” and “damaged the part of me that gets me around inside myself.” These warnings seemed almost dire in nature. I asked her if she could relate to any of this.

At first she had trouble making a connection, but then she began talking about her life goals, especially as they related to her career. She explained how she had put her own ideas on hold in order to be a team player.

Suddenly the dream’s warnings made sense to her: She was sacrificing her own creativity for the sake of peacekeeping in a contentious work environment. There was something in her that was dying as a result. It was a powerful message.

An Overview of the Waking Dream
This dream message was poignant and focused on a specific issue even though the experience happened while the dreamer was awake. Dreaming is really a much more extensive process than most of us are aware of.

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