Wednesday 24 February 2016

Two concurrent Waking Dreams: Post #2

I am analyzing a pair of waking dreams that, at face value, seem to have no connection. One dream is about a security system installation that is not going well. The other is about a piece of shattered glass. Today we’ll concentrate on the security system dream. Remember, each of these “dreams” were events that took place during the dreamer’s waking hours; he was not asleep.

The new security system dream in review
What follows is a summary of the security system dream. (Scroll down to read the whole dream.)

“I am trying to install a camera surveillance system for the two entries into my home. It is not going well. There are problems with the equipment. The house doesn’t lend itself to post-construction remodeling. And we live in an area that has poor Wi-Fi reception, a technology that the security system relies on. I have made multiple trips to the electronics store trying to get the glitches resolved, and the whole project has become a frustrating ordeal.”

Isolating the symbols and understanding them as metaphors
The next step in any dream interpretation is to isolate the symbols and then figure out their metaphoric meaning. I usually begin by asking the dreamer a simple, non-directive question: “Tell me about it.” What follows were his responses.

Tell me about…
* A camera surveillance system:  It gives me advance notice about who wants to enter my home.
* Home:  The place where I live.
* Equipment:  the components used to put the system in place.
* The house ill-suited to remodeling:  The house design doesn’t allow for easy changes.
* Poor Wi-Fi reception:  We have trouble picking up the signals that come through the air.
* Electronics store:  It’s the place I get my equipment from, and it has expertise that I need.
* Frustrating ordeal:  It’s draining my energy, patience and enthusiasm. I feel as if I’m caught in a bind, and I don’t know how to get out of it.  

Restate the dream
Now, I repeat the dream replacing the original symbols with the explanations the dreamer gave. At the same time, I’ll add statements like, “There is a part of me that…” or “…in myself…” to remind the dreamer that all the symbols are facets of his own self:

There is a part of me that wants to have advance notice about what other parts of me will enter the place where I live inside myself. I need to install some components inside of me to help me do that. But the place where I live inside of myself isn’t designed for easy changes. I have trouble picking up the signals that come through my own air space. I consult the part of me that is supposed to have expertise, but I feel my energy, patience and enthusiasm draining. I feel caught in a bind and don’t know how to get out of it.

Initial assessment
Wow! Suddenly a frustrating home project reveals a poignant, inner meaning. Does the message have validity? Stay tuned!

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