Thursday 1 February 2018

A Broken Sliding Glass Door: Post #2

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A checker at my grocery store told me about an incident in her family where her two young sons got into a squabble. The older one grabbed a toy magnet from the younger one and ran away with it, tossing it into his parent’s bedroom. It hit a sliding glass door and shattered the glass.

The checker agreed to work on the incident as a waking dream. Below, I have taken her through the “Tell me about it…” portion of the interpretation process. The dream is lengthy, but if you read her replies carefully, you can already watch some themes emerge.

Tell me about…
* Two boys:  I love them to death, but they can be rowdy. Mostly they’re good kids who try really hard and really care.
* Barely school age:  Just starting their formal education.
* Older one:  Has had a bit more experience and is expected to shoulder a bit more responsibility.
* Obnoxious and teasing:  Being aggravating and deliberately annoying.
* Younger one:  More innocent, not as shrewd yet, or as purposefully manipulative.
* Toy magnet:  It pulls things into its sphere. It’s a force of nature, and even though his was not intended for mature use, it still works.
* Ran away with it:  He was deliberately trying to upset his brother.
* Didn’t know what to do with it: He didn’t really want to keep it; that wasn’t the point. And once he had achieved his purpose of upsetting his brother, he didn’t want it anymore.
* Our bedroom:  It’s the place of greatest privacy and intimacy in our house. It has its own sacredness.
* Hurled:  Threw it hard to get rid of it. Disposed of it.
* End of the incident:  It seemed to be over.
* Attention distracted:  He’s young so he can shift on a dime. He found other things to do.
* No more fuss:  There was no more energy expended.
* Boys to school:  I took them to their place of learning.
* New sliding glass door:  We’ve just remodeled and this is where we look out to see the view.
* Glass shattered:  It was destroyed in a violent way.
* What happened:  I had no idea what had brought this about.
* Thrown a stone:  A prankster or interloper had wanted to do something malicious.
* Damage on the inside:  The breakage was mostly on the interior.
* Saw the magnet:  I spotted the culprit.
* Husband:  My partner and the authority figure in our family.
* No malicious intent:  No one had tried to be bad or do something wrong.
* Random, thoughtless “boy” thing:  It’s part of the nature of young male children. They don’t really know, yet, how far is too far.
* No one heard noise:  It was a silent event; there was no sudden alarm.
* Be angry:  Scold and express displeasure.
* Ignore:  Pretend it never happened.
* Softly admonish:  Let him know, quietly, that we are displeased.
* Remodeled:  Upgraded and beautified.
* Mess:  It was in a state of disorder and chaos.

As I remarked yesterday, the woman who had this waking dream is unfamiliar with dream interpretation, and especially the idea that dreams continue to happen even when we’re awake. It will be interesting to hear her reaction when the dream is reformed into its metaphoric version!

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