Saturday 1 April 2017

A Fox Hunt At An Amusement Park: Concluding Post

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If you scroll back through this week’s posts, you’ll read about a dream that the dreamer found amusing—at least at first. But as she and I worked on the symbols, a new sense emerged. This was a dream that contained a warning. The dreamer’s own sense of her “inner family, softness and gentleness” were being replaced by qualities that were akin to snobbery, unfairness, brutality, and hunting down prey. Her feelings of being bonded to this family part of herself were described as being threatened. And the dreamer, in her dream description ends with, “I definitely have the feeling that there is more to the story than is being let on.”

While I can help her unravel the dream message to the degree described in the above paragraph, unlocking what this dream is specifically in reference to has to come from the dreamer herself. The last step is to let her talk about it without more input from me.

The dreamer tells her story
I’m in shock. Truly. I had no idea. And I suspect it’s going to take me a while to figure the whole thing out. Even just sitting here, things are coming to me that are throwing me for a loop. This definitely feels as if it came out of nowhere.

But this dream goes straight to my heart. It’s like a slap in the face that I didn’t expect. But in some ways it’s totally right. And all this time I thought it was a funny dream. Hah, hah!

What I associate it with right away is what is happening at work. I’m being considered for a position that would be a big promotion for me. It’s a job that I’ve wanted for a long time. But I don’t much like my bosses—especially one of them. He can be punitive and unfair. I like my work, so I’ve stayed with the firm. I have a minor supervisory position, and I’ve always done my best to shield the workers directly under me from the worst of this boss’s bad influence.

But I have to say, as soon as I knew I had a chance at this promotion, I threw out all of my principles. I wasn’t going to let my integrity stand in the way of a goal I have pursued for years. It’s funny, there was a little voice in my head that kept cautioning me not to forget who I am and—basically—prostitute myself. I don’t mean that literally, of course, but maybe it amounts to the same thing.

I can’t believe this! I really did let myself and my employees down. I got into the greed thing and my own obsession with advancement. I have to say, as I sit here, I’m embarrassed on the one hand, but scared on the other. I’d really like that job, and I’m not sure what to do.

No. That’s not true; I know what to do: I have to be true to myself.

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