Wednesday 18 May 2016

A Funny Dream: Post #2

This week I am looking at a humorous dream. The images are absurd, and that is why the dreamer remembered parts of it so clearly.

A funny dream
I don’t remember the whole dream, but what I do remember seems so weird, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. In my dream, I was sitting in my living room worried about the drought that we seemed to be having. I remember thinking that it wasn’t good for the crops, and it could even mean water rationing. I was saying to myself, we need to make it rain, and I need to do a rain dance. So I got up, went into my kitchen and started mixing up a huge bowl of pancake batter. Then I brought the bowl and a ladle back into the living room and started hurling pancake batter onto the ceiling with the ladle. And I guess that was the rain dance. I woke up laughing because the whole dream was so ridiculous.

The obvious symbols
There are some themes which seem apparent right away. That is true especially in the first half of the dream. We have to be careful when we make these kinds of initial assessments, because we could be wrong. But there are images of drought and a lack of water. That leads to a possible failure of crops and “water rationing.” As metaphors, those symbols are certainly frequent in people’s dreams. We don’t yet know what these images are specifically commenting on in the dreamer’s life, but we do have a sense of something important not getting its thirst quenched, and that, in turn, leading to a possible lack of available nourishment.

The perplexing symbols
But then things really get amusingly strange. Pancake batter on the living room ceiling is a symbol that is specific to this particular dreamer, and may even be unique to him. I know of only one way to find out what these symbols might be referring to, and that is to ask the dreamer neutral questions to help him unearth the metaphor that he associates with each one.

Tell me about…
*  Living room:  It’s the common gathering place in our house. When we want to be together, that’s where we go.
*  Worried:  Concerned; something is weighing heavily on my mind.
*  Drought:  Lack of life-sustaining water; an alarming threat to living.
*  Crops:  They are what you eat to stay strong, healthy and alive.
*  Water rationing:  It’s the control and restriction of water use; you only get the bare minimum of what you need. You have to make do.
*  Rain dance:  A tribal ceremony to bring needed water. Some people think it works, others not.
*  Pancake batter:  The ingredients for a breakfast food. In my family, this was always associated with Sunday morning, when the family was together.
*  Throwing batter at the ceiling:  (Laughing) I have no clue what that was about. I guess I took it seriously as some sort of ritual to bring rain.

More to come…

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